Strange thing with the Uniti Core

I have a pair of Uniti Cores and I think the sound quality from the rips is amazing. I am busy transferring my CD collection to them, but an odd thing occurs. After a dozen or so rips, the Core doesn’t locate the CD cover of the next rip.
I found that if I unplug the Core for about ten seconds, then plug it in again, suddenly it finds the cover and all the track data. This happens with both Cores. Anyone else experienced anything like this?

Sorry to hear about your issues with the Uniti Core. I’m sorry that I can’t be of any assistance, but out of curiousity: a single core would do the job, isn’t it?

I never noticed this, but here is a theory. If the lookup database (eg Rovi) is busy, then the lookup response may be delayed and the Core will show that it found no metadata or image.

The Core does store information on which rips are missing metadata and/or cover art image and it returns to those lookups later automatically. As long as you don’t edit those rips then they should be fixed in time.

But if you restart the Core, and here is my guess, then perhaps it immediately has another go at the list of rips missing metadata and/or cover art. Normally it wouldn’t have another look straight away because the chances are that whatever the problem was will still be there, but after a restart it probably just cracks on with it.

This leads to a few questions.

  1. Is it always a particular number of rips that it fails at? The tenth rip for instance? If so then I wonder whether it’s something in Naim’s Rovi licence.
  2. Do the 11th and 12th rips show the same problem?
  3. If you leave it as unknown, does the Core sort it out overnight?

And also rather than restart the Core, you might find a quicker alternative is just to go into metadata editing for such a disc. You can force a lookup immediately. Does that work?

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Yes, it would, but I have a huge CD collection, so with two it halves the ripping time. (picked up the second for a bargain price on the well-known website) Plus, I use one for classical music, the other for all other types.

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Hi David,

Thanks for your interesting reply. When the data can’t be found, I usually hunt for the CD cover on line, save it and then transfer it. Then I edit the tracks.
They tend to fail at around ten CDs, although I haven’t actually checked to see if it’s a consistent number.
No, it doesn’t sort itself out overnight, but I haven’t checked to see if it fixes later on.
I’ll explore further!

If you make any sort of edit, then the Core deletes that rip from its current job list. So you need to do nothing to a couple (except write on a piece of paper what they are!).

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