Stream from QNAP NAS to NAIM ND5 XS2

My NAS has loads of music on folders and looks available through “Music Station” (NAS App). the ND5 sees the NAS but none of the folders show any listing of music

You need to install a Upnp server app like Asset or Minim.

If your files have meta tags , all will be displayed in the Nain app and playable on your XS2.

If you have a significant proportion of classical music, I’d try MinimServer which was devised with classical in mind. But there’s a steeper learning curve than with Asset but if you don’t have much classical, Asset is what I’d recommend. Both have useful forums if you run into problems.


Do you need to add the location of your music to the Music Station app? (I don’t know it.)

You have to point any Upnp server to the folder or folders containing your music.

That may be the key. The person helping me installing the NAS thought it the locations would found as long as access allowed (but that change did not help). I found another YouTube guide showing the files to be physically moved on the disc. Thanks!

It goes way beyond my initial intent to load music (precious collection) on a hard disc and simply play from NAIM. I am used to Roon which has these capabilities. Building an interface with Apps is not my strength. Anyway, I appreciate the guidance Neil!