Streamer for Nait 50

Hey everyone. I currently have an LP12 Majik, Atom and Focal 926. I never use my apple lossless files anymore, 99% of the time I stream from Spotify. I am seriously considering the new Nait 50 and am looking for suggestions for an inexpensive streamer for Spotify that would be easy to use. I’m assuming for Spotify that the SQ is going to be pretty similar regardless of the streamer.

Bluesound Node. Great unit with a terrific interface, simple to use and very good sound. Very inexpensive for what you get.


I wouldn’t assume that at all. Spotify isn’t the best for sound quality compared to lossless rivals Qobuz and Tidal, but the quality of the streamer and DAC you buy will still have a significant effect on what comes out of your speakers.

If you’re not concerned about getting the best sound just get a Yamaha WX-AD 10 for £100 or so and it will work fine.

For better sound there are many options out there. Naim’s ND5XS2 would be a good choice, but it’s a shame there’s no shoebox sized options available from them.


The nad cs1 is a brand new streamer and one of the cheapest available new £299. It will play pretty much anything, incl tidal, Spotify and supports roon.


Actually there is a Bluesoumd with ess dac now. With a really nice psu should be great.

How about the new little Cambridge MXN10?

Ticks all or at least most boxes perhpas, including using it’s own (apparently) decent app with radio access and UPnP so that you can stream from your own source if you like without needing Roon etc.

Blimey, sounds like an ad doesn’t it?!


Octavio Stream, perfect for the price

All I need is internet radio and a DAC, so my UnitiQute will be moved from the AV rack to the Audio Rack and that should be a reasonable solution

Then with my Nait 50 and my UnitiQute , it maybe time for a Pro-Ject CD transport and that will give me three shoebox components .

For your query with Spotify , Bluesound is popular on this forum and the people here tend to be very audio savvy

I add “WiiM Pro” in the choice



Don’t do it!

I’m fully on board with the ‘I need one’ appeal of the new Nait 50 but as an owner of an Atom I’m constantly impressed by the depth of its abilities.

I (and others on this forum) have it hooked up to a naim pre-amp, and in turn I use a SNAXO, 4x135s, SBLs and a sub. It was only ever meant to be an interim solution but it performs brilliantly and is not embarrassed in that set-up. It has the vigorous sound I expect of naim.

Longer term I was thinking it would be replaced by an NDX2 and then serve in a second system or be snaffled by one of the kids. Meanwhile, on Qobuz high res files and particularly live music it is very good indeed. Not CD/NDX2 with external power good, but that’s not its position in the hierarchy.


I find this interesting. I have been a Node convert since the 2i and have always found it a significant sq upgrade over my previous non audiophile streamer/ dac combinations. A Node with a chord Qutest seems to me to be audiophile quality but then I haven’t trialled anything at that price level for a couple of years. What are the current competitive streamers/dac combinations that I should be looking at to replace the Node in my second systems?

One to definitely consider is the EverSolo DMP-A6, causing quite some hype atm. Otherwise alternatives would be the Cambridge Audio offerings, NAD CS1, Primare Prisma NP5 or Wiim mini Pro.

But if it’s inside your budget, I would definitely at least consider the EverSolo.


why not ? do you listen to it ?

if I have the money, I will go on ATOM HE but … the streamer won’t be my first source. so … :wink:

I will try to have a test of the Volumio Primo :wink:

it was in my short list, but I’m not a big fan of ESS 9038Q2M DAC

It is interesting this little 50th NAIT, but having no matching source I really think Naim are missing a trick not launching a shoebox stand alone streamer - housed in an Atom style case, centre screen, streaming transport only and ditch the top mounted rotary volume control etc. I’d rather have one of these instead of a BS Node!


You are probably right about using it a a streaming front end, I myself, tried outbseveral options including the Wiim Pro and the Bluesound as a front end for my NDX, however I eventually went with the Primare NP5 Mk2. This really did breath new life into my NDX.

Hi @KenRose, I’m a little unclear what you’re proposing to do. Do you plan to swap the Atom for Nait 50 plus streamer, or are you keeping the Atom and building a second system with new speakers as well?

Either way, none of us have heard the Nait 50, but I’d expect it to offer high quality sound and be deserving of a streamer of comparable quality, such as ND5XS2. Why compromise your setup with a potentially inferior source?

And if you’re trading in your Atom, I’d seriously consider a Nova or ND5XS2/NaitXS3, which should cost around the same, though I do understand the I-just-want-one appeal of the Nait.


Thanks, that’s useful to know.

Digital output to a dac only, doesn’t have line level output for a nait 50.

Remember Ken is looking for “ inexpensive streamer for Spotify” which to me means spending as little as possible for something that won’t even play cd quality. In other words a raspberry pi plus dac hat is entirely suitable, and use the standard 5v psu don’t go linear etc.

Also means the wiim suggested earlier is also perfect.


Interesting device, given you can add a 4TB NVME to make it a one stop shop.

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