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Hi my Name is Alexander and I am from Germany. I am new to this forum but not new to Naim. I bought my equipment in 1995/96 (Nat03, CDS1, NAC52, SC, Nap 135, SBL). The last refirbishment is from 2017. I am interested to enter the “streaming world”. As I can read some of you do own similar equipment and already streaming. Can you please give me some insight were to start to listen?

I am reading a lot of nDAC and NDX2?!

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Hi Alexander, welcome to the forum. I have moved your reply on the Olive thread to a new dedicated thread, as it’s a very specific question.

Is this a definite move away from CD replay to streaming, or just “dipping a toe in the water” to see whether you like it?

Given your system, I would say that listening to an NDX2, both on its own and with a dedicated power supply, is probably a good place to start.


Welcome, I used a NDX with my Olive system 82,Supercap and 250 and it was superb this was before the NDX2.
I would trial and NDX2 if possible,streaming has opened a new world for me and my music with ripped CDs and the likes of Qobuz etc.


Im interested in this topic too. Ive done some playing around with streaming Mac - DAC-V1 (using USB) into 72/hi/250 and Ive found that its nowhere near as good as my CDS1/CDPS. Not even close. It was good to try and see if streaming worked for me but its not a permanent solution.

Ive demo’d using a Melco N100 in USB mode into the DAC-V1, gets much closer but does not better it - perhaps improved cables etc will help. My plan was to use the Melco to stream tidal and store cd rips and hires files but I am not quite sure what to do. The NDX2 only streams music, it doesn’t store music, so for my particular case, I’d need something to store the music too, which adds to the box count - otherwise I would have demo’d it.

As I posted I used a NDX with my Olive system I did dabble with other makes before I purchased the NDX and to be honest wen I slotted the NDX into my Olive systems that’s when I started steaming properly.

You can rip your CD to a NAS and store remotely away from your system a good dealer will help and advise plus set it up if your dealer cannot do that find a better dealer.

The only thing I would add is keep it’s as simple and easy as possible.


If one does add on an NDX2 for streaming, what is recommended for storing hi-res downloads?

The simplest option is just to use a USB drive in the front or rear USB port.
If you want something you can access over your network to add music, run automatic backups, etc. then you’ll want a NAS, almost certainly QNAP or Synology. Or at higher cost, Naim/Innuos/Melco etc. box.

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Thanks for this. I already see I’m way out of my comfort zone here. What should I look for in considering the various QNAP or Synology models?

To use a NAS for streaming music (including hi res formats) will not be particularly demanding, so you don’t need anything too fancy. The cheaper QNAP and Synology models will be fine. You will need to run a UPnP server on it, ideally Asset or Minimserver.
Apart from their ability to work well for serving music files, these combinations are tried and tested, and both hardware and software are well supported by their developers, so if you get stuck, someone will be able to help you out.
Some people like to run a NAS with 2 or more drives. For music only use, I prefer a single drive NAS. Sure, you want a second drive for backup, but then it needs to be one that you store elsewhere, so a cheap USB drive is ideal for this purpose.

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I use 52/SC/135s into B&W804S, so not too dissimilar to the original poster’s system. I used a bare (no power supply) 1st generation NDX into this, and it sounded really musical. I added a 555PSDR to this and it took it up a level. I did do a home demo of an NDX2/555PSDR through the olives, it was a significant step up from the 1st gen, a really musical system I could easily have lived with as a final system if I hadn’t also tried the ND555. A long-winded way to say that I think an NDX2 will sound excellent in your system, with power supplies making genuine improvements.

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Until recently I was using a 52/SC with a nDAC, NDX, HDX, CDS3, NAP300 into SBL’s with a QNAP NAS as well. As Eoink has mentioned, the 1st gen NDX is very musical and improved still more after adding a power supply. No major issues with mixing the streamers or the hard drive server with the olive series preamps. Adding a nDAC was another step up. If you want to have CD ripping and music storage capability then adding a HDX or NS01 or CORE will keep things simple. Adding a NDX (1st or 2nd gen model) will provide excellent streaming sonically and still keep the system somewhat simple.

I’m not sure why previous replies haven’t mentioned Roon. I own a first generation NDX which sounds great but won’t work with hi res Qobuz, so I investigated Roon and what a revelation! Improved SQ and a great interface. In your situation the advantages are even greater. You can get a free trial with your computer as server, though better with stand alone core. Spend more money on a good DAC. A Roon end point eg Raspberry pi is very cheap for connecting. A big advantage is using ordinary hard disk instead of NAS - much cheaper and simpler to use. The Roon core takes care of sending round the network. My NDX is outdated at 4 years old but Roon has taken me to NDX2 and beyond for a fraction of the price. Still using the NDX but pretty much just as a DAC .

When I first started streaming, I had a 52, SC, Snaxo and 135s into SBLs. Into this I attached a NDS. There should be some on the 2ndhand market. It convinced me of the advantages of streaming. In these early days I used a Qnap; it had 4 bays as in addition to my music it had to hold my work and research. Eventually, I exchanged the Qnap for a dedicated music server from Audiostore; this allowed me to Roonify the NDS. The Qnap now is backup for my music, and work.

Sonos Port I have it hooked up to a my Olive /Chrome equipment. Simple. Play almost anything with no problem.

Earlier this year I bought a NDX2 to feed my 72/HC/250. The really pleasant surprise was that along with the wonderful sound quality I gained a volume remote for the NAC72. Not only with the NDX2 remote but also on the Naim app on the iPad and the Tidal app and also Roon. NDX2 is the way to go.

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Hi Richard and all other!

Thanks for your replys and tips. I will not go away from radio and CD but streaming offers me a opportunity for listening new/never heared music. I am early retired and working just a bit as a business consultant so I do have a lot of time and listening 20+ hours music per week.

When I am reading your tips I should start with a NDX (2) and a power supply?!

What power supply should I start with?
What do I need in addition?
I do have a Fritz box in another room so do I need a repeater on top?
Anything else?

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Alexander, I would arrange for a demo with your dealer. NDX2 would be the right place to start. And also try it with an XPS and/or 555PS. For earlier streamers, I would ignore the earlier NDX, although you may well love the NDS, but bear in mind that they are getting on a bit now and cannot natively stream some newer online services.

You’ll need a robust home network - hard wired is much the best, and a use a switch between router - and of course a good reliable internet connection. The Streaming Audio room on here has lots of threads on networking, so have a read through some of the topics and perhaps start a new one of your own to get tips from other members.

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Hi Richard,

thanks for the advice. I will try a demo with an NDX 2.

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Hi Alexander! As you I started to explore streaming rather late. My rather simple streaming kit includes a used nDAC connected to my MacBook Pro via M2Tech HiFace2 (Digital-to-Digital SPDIF BNC Converter) and a used Naim DC1 digital cable (BNC-BNC). Total outlay about EUR 1000 for the whole kit. Damn satisfied.

It depends on the functionality you are looking for. If you don’t need Quobuz, just radio streaming and streaming from your network then the Unitiserve is a cheap (ish) entry point. It does need a dac, iIuse a Qutest but cheaper dacs are available, and it needs an ethernet connection or a mesh access point near your olive set up.
I am just testing one for playing downloaded hi res files and it is a might fine piece of kit, works well across network stores and also has upnp access for any other players you have in the house - vlc on the iPad or a separate network radio etc.