Streamer Not Responding Message

My new Uniti Star and my iPhone have a very difficult time keeping in touch. Despite countless reboots and reinstalls the Naim app on my iPhone X keeps losing the connection with the streamer. My phone, Naim app and firmware are all running the latest versions and my internet speed is over 200mps. This problem only occurs with the Star; both my 'lite and Super are just fine. Any help would be wonderful. Thanks.

Reboot your modem

Thanks, great suggestion. I believe that I figured it out shortly after posting. My iPad and Naim Star were using the same 2.4gHz wi-fi band and worked correctly. My iPhone was using a faster 5g band. After dropping the phone down it appears to be working well. Will test tomorrow but feeling pretty good about it as I turn in for the evening.

ALL GOOD. Thank you.

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