Streamer or Preamp?

I love my vinyl and as per other threads phono stage is my main upgrade project - and that may be it.
However the new 300 range is to me eventually opening up the possibility of cheaper 500 series secondhand options.
A secondhand 552 + pS will soon be cheaper than a 332+ NPX300.
Equally a source first principle - NDX2/555 to ND555 upgrade may offer more?
will there be a new naim streamer - (who knows) but interested in views on 552 or nd555 first?

Or npx300 on the ndx2.

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Those who had Nds/555 dr / 252 went generally first to 552, before Nd555.
But in your case there’s also the non Naim ps to upgrade maybe first….

Thanks - not going to debate the Ps on this forum and also not convinced the PS is the relevant discussion here.
552 or 555 first is my dilema.
gut feel is 555 - but with the new product who knows ? 333 streamer maybe better then 555 especailly with the new power supply
I think the 332 will bring down the second hand prices of 552 - so struggling which first.
I already know my rega RP10 beats my NDX2 + PS


Normally the 333/ps should not be better vs the Nd555, as the later is 500 series, with a brass decoupling chassis, and the former is 300 series.

If you are buying pre-loved watch prices and go for the first box that looks like a bargain to you.

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