Streamer + tube amp?


Since I increasingly listen music via a streaming service (Tidal HiFi), I would like to add a streamer to my tube-preamp(Luxman CL-38uC) and tube poweramp(Luxman MQ-88uC).
NDX 2 seems to be a well reviewed streamer. Could this odd streamer + tube amplification combination work nicely?

And no, i cant have a demo.
I cant seem to find a topic regarding this combination.

Any experience? Idea?


No reason for it not to. I ran an original NDX into a Berning ZH270 with good results.

Just demo it to see what you think.

The NDX2 has a 2V output via RCA or DIN sockets, as do the vast majority of streamers and CD players, so you should be fine.

I was rather referring to the sound characteristics. If a Streamer/DAC would fit nicely to a traditional tube amp or if it is smarter to find a good solid state amp like the Supernait 3…

And no i cannot demo from where i live.


That’s what I use, and I love it! Or I did until the relay went south on my NDX2, but that should be fixed shortly. Yes, to your question, highly recommended!

Ah nice to hear that,
whats amps/speakers do you have?
What kind of music do you listen to?

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I listened to NDX on several occasions and could not distinguish anything about it that bettered my HDX or fell short. To my ears they seemed to sound identical.

I ran my HDX with a Graaff GM50 for several years with enjoyable results. If you like toobs, the combination of a tight, taunt and grippy Naim source component with the texture and organic feel of a good valve amp is a combination that just keeps giving.

It’s not for everyone. We bought our GM50 after 282/250 came home twice and failed to sufficiently impress us. So it was definitely our kind of presentation. And less expensive.

I’ve got an NDX2 -> PrimaLuna Dialog Preamp -> NAP300DR -> Focal Sopra 2s. No plan to upgrade, ever.

Classical music almost exclusively, but the wife and kids listen to the modern stuff. Pit Bull sounds pretty good too :smile:

I have got a new question regarding the AC powercable.
Apparently only UK customers get a Power line lite cables.
What about non UK customers? do we get a standard powercables instead? Would it be worth upgrading the powercable e.g. Audioquest?

NDX2 > Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista 600 Hybrid Integrated Amp > ProAc k6, with excellent results: adorable sound with the Naim speed, PRAT and resolution, the preamplifier valves warmth and, again, the dual mono SS power stage speed and resolution; excellent NDX2 synergy with MF and both with ProAc.

In relation with the powercables, all of them replaced by Chord C-Power, good, shielded, cheap and excellent results, thanks also to the RF and EM filter IsoTek EVO3 Sirius strip.

:small_blue_diamond:@Chang,…Wait with powercables for a while.

When your new streamer is “burn-in” and ready,.and you’ve optimized your new streamer in your system.
Then you can start testing this with powercables.

Different powercables sound different in your music-system.
If you find the right one for your system,.it can contribute to a significant improvement in your soundquality.


Just to chime in, and not trying to start a flame war. Powercables shouldn’t make a difference in how your system sounds. I’ve certainly never found them to, and no one has ever been able to identify the difference in a blind test. As an electrical engineer, it is demonstrable that any cable matching or exceeding the characteristics of the power cables you have running in your walls on the other side of the outlet should be indistinguishable.

Two caveats: many folks claim to hear dramatic earth shattering differences; and I have a cool looking power cable I got for a song on eBay. Doesn’t sound any better. But it looks cool :wink:

Same for speaker cable. Same for ethernet cable. Not necessarily the same in theory for interconnects, but in my experience also the same. If you’re in the US, go to Blue Jeans cable. Awesome and cheap. Spend your money on Naim and music and speakers.

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Can not speak for Luxman but the NDX2 works great as a source even for non Naim amps/pre amps.

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