Streamer update to 4.7

I have an ND5XS streamer currently with the 4.6 version. I’m trying to update to 4.7. I have everything hooked up and have downloaded the software, but I get a message that the “Destination Path is too long . Rename the compressed folder, etc.” On a YOutube video there’s one that says there is a pdf instruction on what driver I might need, but there is no such instruction that I can find. Any ideas?

The path too long is just because of where you are trying to save it. Just put it direct to downloads or somewhere. Once saved you should be able to open the pdf.

that may have cone it. thanks

There was a .pdf instruction sheet with the download that tells you exactly what to do. I don’t think it was included with 4.7, but if you look in the 4.6 download, the instructions are the same.

No, it wasn’t. But the step by step instructions were easy. What Hungry Halibut said was the only problem. Thanks for the help.

Brilliant. It’s usually something really simple.

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