Streamers in 100Mbit mode..OR...

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Naim, InnuOs, Linn to name a few streamers are optimized for 100Mbit, which is considered the best when it comes to soundquality.

Does this apply generally,.or does anyone here know of any streamers that work best in “1000Mbit mode”.

Same question regarding “hifi- switches” where many of the better ones work in 100Mbit mode.

I think generally trying to squeeze more data down a wire requires more processing, and hence more noise. Slow (enough) and steady is the way

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the clock on a 100Mb connection runs at a much lower frequency than 1Gb. I would guess that is inferred is less noise generated in the NIC itself. If you actually look at the network device PCB of a 100Mb and 1Gb NIC you will see they use different value oscillators.

However, there is a caveat. If your NAS connects at 1Gb and the endpoint is 100Mb then of course there is more flow control on both the NAS and the switch. Given enough 100Mb devices pulling from 1Gb data sources, the frame memory on the switch can fill up (data is coming n faster than it is being forwarded on) impacting everything connected to it. This is almost certainly not an issue in a house with 1-2 hard wired streamers though.

On the other hand, I would generally expect this difference to be audibly minimal on a streamer that has taken reasonable measures to isolate network based noise both on the wire and generated in the local NIC itself.

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