Streaming Apple Music in Hi Res

I have an Apple Music subscription and am looking for a way to play from it, in high resolution, on my NSC222.

My thoughts, so far, are to buy an Apple TV device, which has an HDMI output. I would than need an HDMI to digital converter to feed the NSC222.

Has anybody tried this or got a better idea?

Many thanks…Peter

I think what @jmtennapel is saying is that it is a painful tangle of cables and other boxes to get hi-res Apple Music to play through your Naim. For my money, Apple Music has many benefits over Qobuz, but it is a horror show to get it to play hi-res stuff outside of the Apple ecosystem.

That being said, Apple Music sounds pretty damn good through Airplay on Naim stuff, but very frustrating that it could sound better…


If your gonna use Apple Music, stick with Airplay. If you want to focus on high-res do as @jmtennapel is saying. Apple TV 4k only outputs 24bit 48khz as max over HDMI, and as @MortalWombatUK says tangle of cabels and boxes…

I actually have an Apple One subscription which includes cloud storage, news and TV for myself and 5 others.

You can’t even CD quality with Apple Music to your Hifi as it’s limited to AAC only via Airplay. Apple are not interested in making it easy for users to access their own service and plug it into their hifi without a dogs dinner of a setup that takes you back in time about 12 years or more.

The only way to get it at cd or higher is via an iPad or iPhone connected to a usb dac or or a usb to spdif converter and then a number of cables to allow it the connection and power it. You get no remote control from your ar chair unless you’re right next to the system as it needs to be permanently plugged in. You can also do the same from a Mac but it won’t be bitperfect as the desktop app doesn’t have exclusive access to the systems sound card, so you get system sounds and it want swap frequency for different material.

As others have said It’s really not worth the bother when you can use a much easier solution by using Qobuz or Tidal.

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