Streaming BBC Sounds

I have just installed an NDX2 streamer with a Supernait3 amp.
I would like to listen to recent programs on BBC Sounds via the streamer but see no way to get them. Am I being dim?
Many thanks

Hi, no, you are not dim. I have the same set up and have same problem. I am now using my laptop to run BBC Sounds app. And then you can use an input of your choice. Bluetooth, optical etc or use a UPnP device perhaps. I maybe wrong as I Am also new to the NDX2 for a short while. Anyway, hope that helps.

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No I don’t think you’re being dumb, as I understand it BBC Sounds is via the BBC app & that means your laptop, iPad or Android & then via something like bluetooth to the NDX2. Naim streamers get BBC via Naim iRadio

You can use AirPlay or Chromecast to stream from the Sounds app. The BBC channels are all available on the Naim app iRadio input, along with some on demand and podcast material, but the Sounds app is a better interface.

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