Streaming Cable Arrow Angst - Direction Update

This has been done to death but curiously with no definitive answer.

Chord say ‘…arrow pointing away from source’. Is the source my EE8 switch, or ND555 player?



PS I know the whole ‘…signal in both directions. It doesn’t matter’ discussion. Just looking for straight answer and Chord’s cable doctor seems to be off sick.

Source in this context is where the data is coming from, so the source is the switch and going into the nd555.

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Great. Thank you. That’s indeed how I’d intuit it but so many conflicting answers on here!

All best


Indeed, the term ‘source’ is ambiguous.
In the data sense they are both sources.
In the Hi Fi sense the 555 is the source.
In the digital music sense the switch is the source.

I think Chord mean the way you have it arranged!
I believe that optimisation may well also depend on the devices being connected and on other environmental factors.

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Sounding bl**dy marvellous so I’ll stick with the arrow leaving the switch and pointing towards ND555 (For the benefit of others looking for an answer).


No, don’t do that. Well not until you have tried it both ways and told us the answer!

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HI Graeme,

Thank you for your enquiry and for choosing Chord cables for your system,

Unlike standard Ethernet cables, our streaming cables are directional by design, and the arrow would point towards the 555 and away from the EE8 switch,

I hope you are enjoying listening to the cable in your system,

Please let me know how you get on,

With best regards,

Chord UK Sales and Customer Service


Being directional suggests there is something different about each end plug.

Ethernet itself works with 4 sets of cable pairs, and i know from experience that if one connection is bad, the cable can still work just not optimally (dont ask me which pin, but i had a bad connection on a diy wall socket which only gave me 100mb connection. I remade the socket again and the green light on the switch confirmed 1000mb connection was now working).

Assuming that all 8 wires are connected at both ends. If thats the case, then directionality can only come from another difference. Perhaps grounding of one plug?


It comes from the sales department nothing more, nothing less.

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