Streaming cable joiner/coupler

Does it make sense using streaming cable coupler/joiner in an audio system ?
In my situation I would need 8-9 meters of ethernet cable from switch to streamer. If I would lke good quality one (let’s say AQ or Chord) it could cost a small furtune in that length. If the ‘last meter’ counts really I would apply a coupler if it (coupler) does not destroy SQ.
What do you think ?

Thx in advance.

Currently I have 8 meters of Meicord Opal from switch (EE) to streamer (NDS) and I would
like to join a short cable at the end of Meicord which leads to the ethernet socket of the streamer.

The Ethernet cable couplers I’ve used have been unshielded, but you can also get metal ones which will carry the shield from one shielded cable to the next. A few years ago there was a bit of a forum fad for using unshielded couplers between streamer and cable, with some proclaiming sound quality improvements, speculatively attributed to the fact that the shielding was not carrying any unwanted grunge into the streamer.

MeiCord is Cat-6 UTS (not screened), so a regular coupler will do the job.
I’ve run the ‘last meter’ experiment a few times, & I too use MeiCord NAS-Switch-NDX.
I found the last meter test interesting but not enough to be tempted. I’m watching the thread with interest.

Meicord is not shielded, Chord Signature is shielded as far as I know.
Does it make things even more difficult ? Do we need shielded (metal) or
unshielded coupler then ?

My 3 cables have telegartner plugs, so shielded all or unshielded all ?

2 Audioquest diamond and one Audioquest vodka.

Sure… no issue technically if that is what you want to do. I assume you are referring to standard RJ45 connectors? If so… no problem…
Most good couplers couple the screen/drain wire as well. Clearly if the case is all plastic this would be unlikely.

My main problem is that 8 meters of ‘high-end/audiophile/butique’ ethernet cables can not be afforded. I would buy one meter of Chord Signature Super ARAY streaming cable which is around GBP 750 in the UK. I would like to find a correct technical solution to incorporate that cable into my system and avoid quality deterioration at the same time. Hence I was thinking about cable coupler.
Do you know any alternative solution ? What coupler should be choosen shielded or not shielded (Meicord is not shielded Chord is) ? Do you know ‘specific’ model which suits for this demand ?
Thx in advance.

You are right. The problem is that I can not borrow that Chord here. I heard it in a system that totally differed to mine and without coupler. The Chord was very nice in THAT setup. To buy blindly seems risky hence my questuons.

You are right again! Will try to find such a shop.

I am quite sure that analogue seduction uk can do that. They do that for powerblocks, so I imagine cables too.

Couplers are very cheap. If you want to experiment, just buy two, one sheilded, the other unshielded, and swap them around. You can also try using an unshielded one connected direct to the streamer to break the link there if using a shielded cable in the last leg*. Or use it at the other end to make the ground path through the streamer. Obviously this assumes that the shield is connected to the plug, which many boutique cable manufacturers don’t tell you about.

*as discussed here…

Hi Zoltan,
Did you consider running a needed lenght of cat 5e or cat 6(e) between your modem and at the other end a rj45 wall outled? This means the modem side is ‘pluggable’ and the outled is a fixed connection. This way you can experiment with different (Boutique) ethernet cables between your streamer an the outled. Eighter mounted on a wall or shelf.

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