Streaming Flac file to Naim App

Firstly, I’m a bit of a novice when it comes to ripping/streaming music to my Naim App.

Currently I’m really comfortable with ripping my CDs to a separate hard drive which is connected to my computer downstairs. I use dBPoweramp to rip and Asset to allow my Naim App to connect to the hard drive wirelessly allowing me to play my music through my HiFi using my Naim streamer.

I’ve recently downloaded a Flac file to my computer. I tried simply adding this file to my external hard drive thinking that my Naim App will find this album, which it doesn’t. I’m obviously doing something fundamentally wrong here.

Can anyone tell me a very simple way as to where I need to put this Flac file so that my Naim App via Asset can find it?

Sorry that this is probably a very stupid question!

Many thanks for any help.

You need to put the files where the others are. You will have told asset where to look for music, which is the only place it will look.

The server, Asset, sends music to your streamer. The app tells the server what to send. Nothing goes to the app as such.

Is this hard drive connected directly to your Naim streamer? If so, you can find it in the Naim app. The best way to do this will depend on which streamer you have, 1st gen, 2nd gen or Muso.

If you want to be able to browse all of your files as a single library you need to use just one UPnP server (such as Asset), and that server needs to have access to all the files. Asset can scan pretty much any drive on your home network and access any music files. What it can’t do is access music files in a USB drive connected directly to your streamer.

The hard drive is connected to my computer. My Naim App finds Asset which is installed on my computer so I’m able to see all the albums that are stored on my hard drive. I tried just adding the folder with the Flac files to the hard drive but can’t see the tracks using Asset. Could it be because there is no metadata assigned to the Flac files? The streamer is the new ND5 XS2

I tried simply putting the folder with the Flac files in exactly the same place as all my ripped CDs but I can’t see them when I use Asset through the App. Is this something to do with dBPoweramp in the sense that there is no metadata attached to any of the Flac files.

Basically I’ve downloaded a music album in Flac format and put the folder into the place where all my ripped CDs are but can’t seem to find the tracks on the App anywhere.

Have you checked the metadata?

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Has Asset refreshed since adding the new files. You may need to change a setting in Asset.

My Roksan always has to have a manual reindex of files after adding new ones.

I know Asset can be set to do this automatically.

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A simple test would be to put the music files onto a USB drive that you can attach to a USB port on your streamer. Look in the Server input under Local Music, and you should see the album there complete with artwork and other metadata if it exists.


All sorted. I needed to add metadata. Thanks guys.

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