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Hi – I have an ND5XS2 streamer and tidal (and I love it!). I’m going to start buying and downloading some FLAC-quality tunes elsewhere. Can i hook the naim app up to play these files (which input?) or do i need (a recommended) software player? Apologies in advance if this is a daft question --new to doing this outside tidal. Any advice most welcome. Thanks.

The simplest way to do this would be to store the FLAC files on a USB drive and connect that to a USB port on the ND5XS2.
An alternative would be to a NAS or computer on your network, and run a UPnP server on it.

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thanks. I was hoping to play them from the hard disk of my tablet rather than have a usb stick hanging out of the unit. Dont know what a UPnP sever is (apologies).

Use the USB at the rear then, it really is the simplest and cheapest option.


good point, didnt think of that!

If you have an Android tablet you can install the BubbleUPNP app and then stream lossless to the ND5XS2, it’s a better option than using USB generally.

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A UPnP server is the software you would need to run on your computer to stream the music from there to your ND5XS2. Examples would be Minimserver or Asset.

A USB stick or hard drive is a cheap easy option, and yes, you can use the rear USB port to keep it out of sight. Then go to the Server input and look in Local Music.

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