Streaming from Apple Music

Hi Community,

recently, I have issues streaming music via AirPlay on my Mu-so 2.

The problem starts with the password which AirPlay requests.
All of a sudden, AirPlay is asking for a password. I had entered a password after re-booting the Mu-so in the Set-up menue of the Naim App.

After resetting/rebooting all, Mu-so, Naim App and Apple Music it is still not possible to stream the music. The password I entered in the setup menue of the NaimApp is not respected.

Thanks for your help solving this problem.

The airplay password is entered via the webpage portal. Find the muso ip address using the Naim app (in settings, then “about”), then visit that ip address in a browser window.
Unless you want to prevent others from accessing the muso via airplay, it’s best not to use a password at all.

Thank you, robert_h. I have done the same now, but the issue with connecting to AirPlay still persists.

Finally, I could solve the issue. Thanks again @robert_h

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