Streaming from NDX2/252 into Sonos

Does anyone know if this is doable using the tape out on the 252? I know you can stream from Sonos but I’d rather play from my Naim system and stream from NDX2/252 into Sonos. Also can you have two devices connected to the tape out, Sonos and headphone amp?

The Sonos products like the S1 Connect and S2 Port and Amp can accept a line input via RCA sockets. As you suggest, you could use the tape out facility on the 252 via the appropriate in/out sockets and using an output wired DIN5 to 2x RCA cable.

IIRC, The tape outputs are buffered but paralleled across the in/out capable sockets, so you may not get the best results if you wanted to drive two items at the same time.

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Thanks James. I would only drive one at the same time, either the headphone amp or Sonos. If I understand correctly I can have both connected to any of the three in/out sockets (the headphone amp and Sonos)?

I bought a Sonos Port to add streaming capability to my system (NAC82/NAP180 at the time).

It’s a lacklustre streamer (I since acquired an ND5 XS2). But, with the right connections it does allow “tape out” from the NAC82 to play to other Sonos devices. (I use it to play vinyl to the Sonos play 5 in my kitchen).

There is a time lag, so it isn’t in sync with my main system. Might not be an issue in your use case.


As @Doomie mentions, using the line input will result in a lag between the main system and the Sonos speakers due to latency across the Sonos system.

You may be better off when wanting to play whole house, using the line out from the Sonos into the 252 and using the Sonos system to control the music playback as everything will be in sync. That’s how I use our system if we have family or guests over and want music through the house on our various Sonos speakers and via the main system in the lounge.

I see from your profile that you have an NDX2, so you could use the digital out from the Sonos device into that rather than the analogue input into the 252. I have the previous gen Connect and digital out into my Klimax DSM (previously a NDX2) is pretty decent.