Streaming from Unitistar to android phone

This could well be a stupid question. I have my CD collection ripped and on a drive behind my Unitistar, I can access them from the Naim app on my Muso and of course the Unitistar. I can also see the Star and stream from it on a couple of other network players in the house and if I really wanted to from the computers.
My wife wants to stream some CDs (that are not on spotify) to her phone whilst she is gardening.
I expect there is an app for that so I thought I would ask the experts here to point me in the right direction.
Thanks in advance,

It might be worth trying the mconnect app.


Do you have WiFi coverage in your garden? If so you could use a UPnP client app such as VLC, which is a free app, to play music stored on your Star.
You would need to enable Server mode on the Star.

Thanks for such quick answers. The VLC worked but was very folder bases (I could only find files on the phone with mconnect, although that is probably down to me).
I have found something called HiFi cast which works really well, the albums show up with artwork making finding stuff a doddle, in fact it is quicker than the Naim app very impressive how it can zipp through 800 CDs.
With some carefully placed Mesh extenders we get wifi across 75% of the garden. Doesn’t matter what I do can’t get it in the back of the kitchen.

We used hifi cast on android before moving to an iPad. Coped with our 1000’s of CDs no issue.

It really is very easy to use! Worked really well with our Asset uPnP server.

I was always under the impression that you could only stream TO the Star not from it to a device.

All of the current Naim streamers (apart from the Musos) have a basic UPnP server built in. Enable this and you can use it to stream the contents of a USB drive to other UPnP client devices on your network.