Streaming Idagio to my Atom HE

I’ve never used any streaming service, but had a look at Idagio and it seems to be closest to my musical taste being almost 100% classical.
At £10/month seems the best value too.
So I was considering subscribing.

I know it can stream in flac format, but I’ve not been able to work out if I can actually stream from Idagio in flac from my mobile (android) to the Atom.
And if that’s not possible what’s the best method?


According to Pc magazine yes

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Thanks @Proterra I know it CAN stream in flac, but can it stream in flac from my Android mobile to my Atom?
I’ve not yet been able to figure how or if that is possible.

Their website says it can be done from a Desktop, but no mention of Android

You can probably use Chromecast on an Android device. It’s not the greatest for casting lossless streams but in theory it should work.

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I stream FLAC via ChromeCast all the time (doing so as I type this), albeit generally to ChromeCast Audio pucks. I have streamed via ChromeCast to Naim devices as well, but do generally do not as I have read posts here that ChromeCast makes a greater demand on Naim equipment (can’t recall the details, but I believe the post was from @Richard.Dane ).

I stream from both Tidal and Qobuz, but not Idagio.

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Thanks @jegreenwood
I’m a complete newbie re. streaming from anything other than using UPnP from Windows Media Server on my PC.
I don’t know what chromecast is nor chromecast puck.
So I need chromecast on my mobile then buy a chromecast puck and I’ll be able to stream from Idagio flac to my Atom?

Looking at google support it says -

I’m already lost as the first line says to plug the puck into my (Kudos Titan 606) speakers… how do I do that?

Sorry to confuse you. You don’t need a ChromeCast Audio puck. That’s a separate streaming device made by Google (but no longer). Current Naim streamers have ChromeCast built in.

I mentioned the puck simply because that’s where I use ChromeCast daily. However, I have successfully tested ChromeCast with my Nova as well.

I use an iPhone and use the Google Home app. If you don’t have the Android version of the app yet, it looks like you have to get it.

As for gapless, I have a workaround, but it won’t work with Idagio. (It works with Tidal and Qobuz, which is why I forgot to mention it.)

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Thanks very much, that sounds a LOT easier and thanks for the set-up link. It sounds easy.
I’ll have a crack at that when I get back from a bitterly cold walk with my pooch.
I’ll take a look at Qobuz too.

I’ve never used online streaming as I have about 1600 CD’s I’ve collected over many years, so that gives me 90% of what I want and I can stream that using the UPnP server on Windows Media Player, but it would be good to listen to music I don’t usually listen to and discover new stuff.
I have lots of opera and choral work on CDs so If gapless is what I need, I can use my CDs or Windows UPnP player (not sure if that’s gapless or not).

I’ll have a play and listen and trail both Idagio and Qobuz

Thanks for your help and tips

I’ll have a look for the Google Home app and get it installed if that’s needed.

OK, but I second @jmtennapel - if you decide on Qobuz, you won’t need ChromeCast at all.

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Just started a 2 week trial with Idagio and am casting from my PC to the Atom and it sounds great.
And it was so easy!! Just click Cast on the Google menu and it’s done!
There’s no indication on the Atom as to the format or bit-rate, but I assume it’s casting in flac.
I don’t appear to need the Google Home app.

I’ll check out the Android app next

I’ll see how I get on with Idagio for my 2 week trial

Thank you both for your guidance - I was getting well-confused :slight_smile:

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I’d also recommend trying Qobuz, especially as it’s supported by Naim. It’s very easy to filter just classical music. It’s slightly more expensive than Idagio, but does offer higher resolution music than Idagio’s CD quality and gapless playback. Great thing is that both offer album booklets where available.

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Cheers @ChrisByrd
I did spot the 24-bit resolution that Qobuz offers which would be nice - I’m not sure my 66yr old ears would tell the difference tbh :slight_smile:
I’ll see how I get on with Iadagio for a while.
Now it’s all working so well I’m really pleased and the sound is excellent.

If I really enjoy it I could start a free trial of Qobuz for comparison and then decide.

My ears are seven years older and can hear a difference - especially on solo instruments, e.g classical guitar and solo strings. If the gapless issue could be sorted I’d probably switch to Idagio though, as their app is very nice for classical.

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