Streaming internetradio not available


Today I had no access to the interradio stations other than the Radio Paradise. Although it is the second time that I noticed this in the last 4 Months. I am not complaining yet, and I can cope with this. But what I would like to have is some kind of status about the status of this streaming service status, so I can Quickly check it and am not checking my own devices what not everybody at home is capable is.
And suggestions?
Thanks in advance

Iradio was problematic earlier today but I believe this has been sorted.

The easiest way might be to go to the VTuner web site and check the station directly on the web site.
I recently couldn’t receive a local station, so I went to VTuner web site and it was also not playing there, confirming it wasn’t just a problem with my setup.

Thanks Blythe,
That was helpful. I will check it when having the same issue again.

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