Streaming/IPTV options

We don’t actually have a TV per se. We have a computer monitor connected via HDMI to a Humax Fox HDR T2 on Freeview. This is connected optically to my Uniti

Living as we do in a rural area on a relay transmitter, the choice is limited and, as we’ve always loathed the Humax, we are interested in moving away from broadcast via terrestrial/satellite/cable to IPTV. We are happy with the monitor, and intend to keep that.

Can anyone recommend a good box to replace the Humax. We have a fibre internet connection up to 80 mb/s.

Many thanks


Any advice would be appreciated :slight_smile:

True IPTV services are relatively few (as opposed to video streaming services from Apple, Netflix, Amazon etc). BT offer IPTV that is coupled with free view. It offers 4K STB and a recorder for use with the IPTV.
The IPTV uses multicast data transmission, but because it’s near real-time, the data required is slightly larger than the highly processed and optimised compressions from the likes of the video streaming providers.

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Might Apple TV be a solution?
I too have a Humax but went for Apple TV earlier this year; I have also used a Roku stick but the Apple is superior, although Roku is cheaper.

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