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Hi all,
For those who have issues with Spotify connect ( I assume the same goes for Qobuz or Tidal) where the Naim app will see the provider, but doesn’t connect for some weird digital reason, it could be possible to have like a network issue. At home I have a normal network logged on to the main provider and an extra WiFi interlink setup so there’s a stable signal in all the rooms. So there’s two network linkages. Doing a total reset didn’t work on the Nova nor did reinstalling the Naim app. It took me a few hours and a lot of cursing to finally find the solution. What did the trick was logging on to the main network on the Naim phone app. Just might be of help to some who start throwing with things… :slight_smile:

The moment you create more than 1 network is the moment you create connectivity issues.

The golden rule is 1 network is sufficient. Only have one device providing dhcp.

If you want to play with vlans etc be my guest.

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Yes, 1 DHCP server is what you need for streaming for your home, unless you have some special considerations for non-music usage.

What does it mean here? Two separate DHCP servers?

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