Streaming limit to 1 Album a day!

Good for those with ripped media but Qobuz will take a major hit.

Kerrang!: Streaming Services Will Limit Users To One Album Per Day To Save Bandwidth.

April fool…


Really, I hope so

Users of Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer and more will need to submit their requested album in writing ahead of time. Streaming services will be sending details of these radical measures to customers throughout the day.

Professor April Fühl from the Global Institution of Media Platforms said: “This is the one thing that we didn’t want to happen.

Sort of gives it away :grinning:


Apologies all must be the cabin fever :hot_face:

Don’t worry - good to read something amusing !

Put me in panic mode for a moment, started thinking about recovering the NAS from the loft and how I would connect it and what cables I’d use. I’m not set up for a plan B but maybe I should think about it…

How are they going to enforce that 1 album limit from my NAS?

Mentioning a single album was the other obvious give-away. Stating a song limit would be much more of a concern to Generation Z!

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April fools Day has passed. Time to delete?

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