Streaming problems with Sky Q router

Hello all,
I’m having problems operating my NDX2 after upgrading my router from ordinary Sky (SR101) to Sky Q (ER110).

The main problem is that the Naim iPad controller sometimes cannot find the NDX2 and, when it does, sometimes cannot see the Synology NAS, which is directly connected to the router. I can resume a stream from the Naim remote. And occasionally it even all works properly.

I have virtually the same problem operating my Sonos system. The iPad controller often cannot find the system at all, but a stream can be resumed by pressing Play on the speaker.
I have tried with the NDX2 connected by ethernet (Powerline) and wifi. The same with the Sonos (wifi had more luck). I have switched off the mesh wifi in the Sky Q TV box and tried all the wifi channels available in the router. The Naim (and Sonos) apps have been deleted and reinstalled a number of times. Resets and restarts of all equipment has been tried.

In mild despair I reinstalled the old Sky router (SR101) and everything now works as it should, although the wifi speed is a little slower. I only have an ADSL connection, so never get more than 20Mbps. I would like to use the Sky Q router if I can and wondered if anyone else had these problems and managed to solve them.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi Aoxomoxoa,

Do you by any chance have your Sky Q TV box connected by ethernet to a managed switch sitting between your Sky Q router and Sky Q TV box?

If so, try disconnecting the Sky Q TV box from the switch and see what happens - it should be able to function without an ethernet connection.

I have what might be a similar problem. My iPad Roon app can’t see my Roon Rock NUC unless I remove the ethernet connection from my Cisco managed switch to the Sky Q TV box. Th eproblem only occurs when I use the Cisco switch - no problem when I use my consumer class TP-Link switch.

I have had a very similar problem, it started with the Sky Q router in February when I moved. Everything is wired except for iPhone and iPad, at odd times the iPhone and iPad would not connect, 3 green lights on the router but no internal wifi. My velux roof lights also uses the wifi and at times that would also go non responsive.
I had no drop outs when streaming just couldn’t connect but no faults were showing.
6 days ago I persuaded Sky to swap out the Sky Q router for a new one since then the problem has gone and everything works correctly.
The old Sky Q router had a separate plug psu and the new one is mains fed both are ER110.

The Sky Q box is connected by Powerline from the Sky Q router to a Netgear switch and then into the back of the Sky TV box.
I’ve disconnected this and switched it over to WiFi. Everything is holding up so far, but you never know!

I think I have the newer ER110 (no separate PSU). I’ve swapped it back in and switched Sky Q TV to wifi. The only things using Powerline now are Apple TV, my Blu-Ray player and Panasonic TV (all via a Netgear switch) plus the burglar alarm. I have this idea that Sky Q doesn’t much like Powerline.

Sky replaced my basic router with a SkyQ version a couple of years ago, and it has worked fine. It worked well enough that I removed my Airport Extreme from the network and used the Sky WiFi instead, as well as running the wired LAN through 3 Catalyst switches for Unitiserve, Synology NAS, Roon Core, Naim streamers, etc.
I suspect the Powerlines are the problem, and personally I would bin them.

I’ve binned the Powerlines to a large extent: no powerlines to Naim streamer or Sky TV box. There is still the occasional problem regarding the Naim app finding the streamer, although I’ve found that mConnect works.

Glad you are getting there. Still, given that powerline adapters put very high levels of RFI onto your entire home mains, it’s anyone’s guess where it might be causing problems, so I would still suggest getting rid of them completely if you can.

I would do but it requires the house to be wired for Ethernet. A couple of things could be switched to WiFi, maybe, but others don’t have that capability. One day maybe…

I had similar problems with SkyQ, their new router and Powerlines last year when I tried to extend my home network to an outhouse in the garden. I tried different makes of Powerline and in the end concluded that Powerlines don’t “perform “like a wire”. In network terms, uPnP devices stopped behing discovered on the network and other devices would drop off the network from time to time. These devices are layer 1 and 2 and with my limited networking knowledge there appeared to be problems with the ARP protocol across the Powerlines. Worse still, they perform like a network hub which just creates a slow network. In the end I gave up and installed a long outdoor wired armour cat6 cable.

That sounds like the same problem that I’m having. Although everything worked well, including the powerlines and my old Sky router, until I installed Sky Q.
Looks like I’m going to have to shell out for hard wiring!

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