Streaming Qobuz via the Naim app

I have an ND 5 XS 2 streamer, which I operate via the Naim app. This was set up from new 12 months ago and it provided immediate access to my Tidal and Qobuz accounts. About 5 months ago, I terminated my subscription to Qobuz and relied mainly on Tidal.
However, on re-subscribing to Qobuz, I can access it through a phone, but not through the NAIM app. On opening Qobuz via this app, I receive a message that states: Your account is not streaming capable. Please visit Qobuz to add streaming to your account
But Qobuz have confirmed that my account is open for streaming (which is confirmed by the fact that I can access it via a phone).
Complete solutions to this conundrum will be acknowledged with gratitude

The Naim app probably still has the old account settings for Qobuz? Go into input settings, select Qobuz and select Logout (or whatever option it has :-)). Then re-login and it will ask for your new/current login settings.

Thank you very much for your clearly worded solution. Everything now fine

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