Streaming question using Roon

Does anybody know how to set up Roon so that my Upstairs network (with my MacBook Pro as the Roon Core into the HugoTT) and my downstairs network (which is an ND555 running the Naim app) can function independently, and play two separate songs simultaneously?

The lovely Susan likes what she likes downstairs, and my Roon Radio upstairs will play into the ND555 downstairs over the common Eero network, which is suboptimal for her listening enjoyment.

I would prefer if my upstairs Roon tunes would stay out of the way of our Naim app downstairs songs. This has happened on my cheap old Meridian Explorer DAC upstairs.

How can I button this up for the sake of family peace?

Many thanks.


You need to set up a Roon profile for your other half. She can then play what she wants independently of you.

Hi Skip,

I’m slightly confused by your network description. Is there any reason why you use the Naim app rather than Roon in your main (downstairs) system.

The reason I ask this question is that you should be able to lay music independently to each of your systems using Roon, as long as you have 2 separate front end control devices. However, I have my Roon core installed on a Roon NUC - it may be different with Roon on a MacBook Pro. I have no experience of this.

In my (NUC based) setup, I can play music on my main streamer (Linn Klimax) using the Roon app on a Windows 10 PC, a completely different track on my AV system (Sonore microRendu/Mytek Brooklyn+) using the Roon app on an iPad Air and a further different selection on an upstairs (Chromecast Audo/Marantz Streaming amp) using the Roon app on a Windows 10 laptop - all simultaneously.

I don’t se why this shouldn’t work on your dual system setup. Just select the appropriate device (in the bottom right hand corner of the Roon app on each control device.

Upstairs, you use roon, select the Hugo tt as output device, and play what you like.
Downstairs, Susan uses roon, selects the nd555 as output device, and plays what she likes.
As long as you don’t select each others audio systems, you can both play music quite happily,
This is standard roon functionality and doesn’t require any special setup.
Where there is overlap is with roon itself, and this is where profiles come into play. Unless you have the same tastes in music, effectively profiles gives you different views of the same music collection.


Really don’t understand what you’re asking. Room is multiroom capable out of the box. You add each zone in Settings\Audio.

If you running the Roon core software on your Mac and have Chord DAC connected to it. It will show up as connected to the core in settings/audio you enable that and name it what your prefer.

The Naim ND555 will show up as a Roon Ready device you enable that and name it accordingly.

You switch zones to play and control using the remote app on phone or tablet or a pc, using the zone picker to select which zone you want to play to. You can have unlimited amounts of Roon remotes connected to your core so both your partner and yourself can control and choose what to play in any zone.

Thank you all. I will dig into this here using your input.

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