Streaming radio station doesnt work on our Naim

Have been using our NAIM MU-SO to stream our local AM Station Cruise 1323 for years. Very recently it stopped working and we haven’t been able to recover a connection to Cruise

The station is listed in the NAIM’s iRadio directory (Australia | Oldies) When we try accessing the channel from the NAIM directory it just grinds away continuously in silence

Cruise 1323 still streams OK from iHeart radio (streaming)

The NAIM happily streams other similar iRadio channels

Maybe a config issue with the NAIM preset for the channel

Is it possible the builtin config is broken?
Can we create a custom iRadio definition in NIAM for Cruise 1323?


Firmware Date 2019-02-07
Product Version1.8.0
Airplay Firmware 366.0
Streamer Firmware 4257

Welcome to the forum Pete, nice place to visit & sort out your Naim stuff

I see Cruise 1323 & yes it is kinda quiet.
It’s nothing to do with your Muso & suspect its a problem with the Naim iRadio service provider vTuner. It’ll either come back in due course when vTuner do something, or you can send an email to Naim Support asking that they give vTuner a nudge.

HI Mike
Thanks for the valuable input !
Ill try to touch base with VTuner


We lost un Canada :Espace Musique and première chaîne, it seems that the protocol has been changed to something like « LMS » what does it mean? Is it something new? Naim and Moon do not support it. Logo are stil visible but no sound.

Nice surprise, tried it again this morning and its back. (???), questions still pending…

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