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Hi All,

Im now a proud owner of a NDX2 and loving it! I have read a few articles that the quality of your router can effect the listening experience as some of the ISP routers do not allow all the information to pass through.

I have a virgin HUB3 and curious if anyone has any experience with this?

As a side im looking to create my own home wifi mesh as we do have a few blackspots in the house and if there are any recommendations of good compatible routers it would be appreciated. Although I intend to create a wifi mesh the NDX2 will always be connected directly to the router via Netgear switch.

Thanks for the help in advance

I have the superhub 3 but I only use it in modem mode as its just dreadful otherwise. I recommend you do the same and get your own router and WiFi solution.

Same here. I have a Superhub 3 operating in modem-only mode feeding an Airport Extreme which acts as router and wireless access point. Absolutely reliable but I’m not sure if it injects significant noise into the ethernet; maybe a modern mesh system would generate less noise.

I would recommend unifi for your mesh, you will need to run a controller, either one of their cloud keys or one a pc mac somewhere, it does not need to be running all the time.

I cannot recommend their routers though, not great compared to other options. I run my own hardware for routing now, with Untangle.

Absolutely zero issues with Virgin Hub 3 wireless to ND5XS2…

I really would recommend the router your ISP provides… with quality service providers they will be optimum for the service supply and with some service providers like BT are quite advanced devices that even include features that help the performance of the Naim app. When they include modems, will usually be set up to inter work optimally for best performance. Perhaps 10 to 15 years ago when internet use and speeds were more limited for most consumers it was different.

When it comes to wifi then you can vary to suit, if wanted you can disable the wifi on your wifi router. Wifi solutions with several low powered inter working access points (such as consumer mesh systems or commercial ESSID setups) are nearly always preferable and more performant than a single higher power access point… even with advanced MIMO setups.

I replaced my old router for a new one…only three days i have it and sound is better…hopefully it will be stable…take care of your router… it gives an extra degree

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