Streaming scenario

Ok, so I’m chromecasting music vids from iPad to tv (to Sonos Beam), and my Atom is recognising an Airplay feed at the same time, but outputting no audio. Can i chrome cast to tv, and output via my Atom at the same time ? It appears to be recognising the feed, but not playing it through the speakers “

Most likely you are going to get audio/video sync issues that way even if it is made to work. Probably better to connect the TV to Atom by cable, either the HDMI ARC (more convenience but can be a hassle setting up because the HDMI spec is poor and there are sometimes compatibility issues) or S/PIDF (reliable but can’t adjust volume with the TV remote). If your TV has another output in addition to the one going to the Sonos, or you can change it without too much hassle

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