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Hello everyone. My system includes an SN3 with the HiCap DR and Proac’s D20R. my source is an Auralic Aries LE streamer with Sbooster BOTW MKii power supply. My room is lightly treated 13’ x 24’. I like the sound but we are always looking to improve. My question is if it is worth replacing my streamer with the NDX2. What can I expect in the difference in sound? it’s worth it? Other options? Thanks for your comments and sorry, English is my second language.

Hi, as I understand it the Aries LE is a streamer with no DAC? In which case, what DAC are you using with it?

Auralic Aries LE with Denafrips Pontus II Dac and Iris DDC

Thanks for your reply. Auralic Aries LE with Denafrips Pontus II Dac and Iris DDC. Roon, Qobuz and Tidal services.

If you can audition, you might want to compare the NDX2 with Auralic’s Altair G2.1, which is around the same price as the Naim and likely rather cheaper in some non-UK markets. They’re both excellent streamers and personal preference is likely to be a big factor in which you prefer.



You have a pretty good DAC and streamer don’t really make that much difference, why not look at improving your amplification?

If you add the NDX 2 to your system you may want to test with and without the XPS DR power supply on your system. I only mention that since you have a power supply on your current streamer. Might want to give a listen at a dealer with and without to see if it suits your listening needs. If you like what you hear then ask for a home demo.

I had the NDX 2 with my SN 2 with HiCapDR and it sounded great. When I added the XPS DR power supply I found it to be a wonderful upgrade. My ears, my room, my system of course…

Go luck with your decision and enjoy the journey.


Thanks for your reply. How about if I add a 250DR amp and use my SN3 as a preamp. It will be worth it in terms of sound quality?

Milton, I added the NAC 282 preamp to my SN2 and that was a fantastic update. I then added the 250 DR to my system shortly after and traded in my SN 2. Others have added the power amp first and reported positive feedback as well. I would suggest you demo at a dealer if you have one local.

If you type “adding a 250 DR to SN 3” into the search feature then 50+ threads will be available to view. Search can be of great help when looking for information or answers on the forum. At least that has been my experience.

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Thank’s for your reply. I will auditition it in a local dealer. It’s the best way for a good decision.

The sn3 with ndx2 sounds fantastic to me. Im sure something here sounds better but im going to maximize this setup as the sn3 has maximum connectivity and each box has upgrade paths to it, not including power cables. Look at the back of it vs a 282.

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