Streaming with supernait 2


I am looking to start streaming music.

I currently use a bluetooth reciever plugged into to my amp.

If I buy a Naim streamer will my music quality improve?
Which streaming service is best?
Which Naim streamer is best?

The natural partner for the SN2 is the NDX2. I own it and love it. Yes, I do strongly believe the NDX2 would be an upgrade over a Bluetooth receiver.

For streaming services, I suggest Tidal or Qobuz.

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Thank you for your comment.

Is there any reason you didn’t go for the NDS xs2?

Like Daniel, when I had a Supernait 3 I used an NDX2. As said, it’s the natural partner. It’s the same size, from the Classic Series. You can of course use an ND5XS2 but note that it doesn’t have a screen or remote, so you are forced to control it exclusively via the app.

Another option might be to swap the SN2 for a Nova.

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I use a first generation NDX with my SN2 and it sounds great. There are a few limitations with the NDX, but the sound quality is hard to beat for the used prices these days.

Adding a HiCap DR to the SN2 offers a significant upgrade as well. Highly recommended.

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If it helps I had a bluetooth/USB solution previously while getting into streaming.

It sounded ok for sure, but for me didn’t compare to my ND5xs2 for SQ and honestly for simplicity. System integration tends to be overlooked IMHO.

What the folks said above all stands true. All the Naim solutions are a wonderful match for the SN2/3

Agree with Chris - I also have an NDX and it’s hard to beat that performance for the money. If you’re streaming ripped CDs, internet radio, and Tidal it could be an option. Just make sure you get one with a newly replaced screen.

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Thank you both,

Much appreciated

Do Naim still make this?
Or, is there an updated model?

Thank you to all who have let me have your views.

Looks like the NDX2 for me.


The NDX was the predecessor to the NDX2. The latter is considerably better sonically and has greater functionality, including inbuilt Qubuz and high res iRadio. It’s the one to go for if you have the funds. Link them together with a little wire, enable system automation and you’ll be able to control volume from the NDX2 remote or the app. It’s a nice feature.

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At least consider the NSS 333 when you audition the NDX 2. You could even go for the NSC 222 and run the SN 2 as power amp only.

I suspect the NDX 2 will likely be discontinued shortly, so maybe consider a used one - about ÂŁ4k for a good ex-dealer one.

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