Streaming with supernait

Has anyone had experience with the Lumin D2?

@jhsnider post from 2020:

« I went from a mytek brooklyn plus with a lap top source to the mytek powered by a linear power supply fed by a blue sound node 2. Really great sounding system. Then tried a Lumin D2 and it sounded better. And was less money. And one box instead of 3. Then a Lumin A1 that now lives in my second system, great streamer.

Then I demoed an ND5 XS2 and for the money—a bit more than the Lumin D2, less than the A1–I think it’s at least as good as the A1. And much better than a Brooklyn with a Mac as a source. »


In the end… I purchased a Lumin D2 with great satisfaction! It produces clearer, less warm music (even coupled with the Supernait) than that reproduced by the CD5 XS CD player or a turntable, so the latter continue to have a sense of existence. It is also true that updating your hi-fi system causes delicious feelings of satisfaction also because you can hear all the music in the world and thus your musical culture grows more and more. In my opinion, however, it is not worth spending astronomical sums on a streamer, it is instead useful to invest in a CD player or a turntable. This is my opinion, obviously

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The A1 is a special piece of gear, much better sounding than the D2. I never directly compared to the ND5XS2, but I think my NDX2 was at least as good. Now the A1 moved on along with the NDX2. I have an ND555 now and it is of course leaps above those mentioned.

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Even if the D2 is not as good, it seems to not bother the OP who considers streaming as a third source.
However in that case a Bluesound would be enough, if it was me.
An Ndx2 / Hicap would outperform easily the Cd5xs/ Hicap and would serve as a second and third source in the meantime.

When I bought my last set up I thought I would never change. I even ditched some of the boxes so I don’t have to climb over them in the loft. The Dynaudio Emit 20’s were the most dynamic and bass capable shelf speakers I had heard and the Oppo 203 fed from a NAS drive through a Supernait 2 (I have a Revox R/R but no turntable so the SN3 is no advantage) made an impressive set up. It had an edge that made some vocals shout but I put this down to poor engineering. Discs produced after 2000 sound completely different. Then that edge turned into an annoyance and I was listening for it every time. Boxes started arriving, mysteriously.
The speakers were changed for the much lauded Buchardt S400 Mk2’s and the Oppo changed to the ND5 XS2. The speakers are superb, much more refined and mature than the Dynaudio’s, but it was the final change of pairing the ND5 XS 2 with the Supernait that has put a smile on my face. It is a magical combination.
I have kept the boxes this time but only so my family can transport them when they inherit them.

certainly pairing a Naim streamer with a Naim system is always the best (for those who like that sound). I entered the world of streaming with a used Lumin D2 also because I would like to understand if I like streaming. Today I think that liquid music, even when listened to from excellent quality files (I have qobuz), is not comparable to a good CD player or a good turntable. this listening has another charm

What I’m wondering is: the sound I hear from a system made up of a Lumin D2 streamer connected to the Naim Supernait 1 integrated amplifier and Proac Studio 140 mk2 speakers, which machine does it come from, the amplifier, the streamer’s DAC or the speakers?

Do you mean the hum?

I don’t hear any hum at all, I wonder which device contributes most to giving its sound signature

I would say it’s quite impossible to respond, because the sound is the result of the three components you cited.
If you change the source, an Ndx2 instead of the Lumin, you will have very obvious differences.
I once compared at dealer place a Lumin X1 vs the Naim Nd555, on a same integrated and same speakers. The sound was very different in each cases.

Well, I have a SN1 which I like (hicap dr included). A friend of mine has the same Proac Studios as you - the 140’s. Lovely speakers, a bit bass heavy in his place (according to my taste) but certainly very good for the money. I can’t comment on the source. Is the Lumin just acting as transport, or also as Dac?

I use the Lumin both to download music and also from DAC

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