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Hi everyone, please I would like some advice from you. I would like to get closer to streaming and downloading music (I already have a subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited). my hifi system is composed as follows: supernait (my 2012), cdx5 player, hicap DR upgrade, Proac Studio 140 mk2. I ask you if it is worth buying a streamer and which one? I don’t want to lose my mind but eventually one will appear that works very well with the machines I already own. Thank you

If it’s the original supernait 1, then you just need a transport eg lindeman limetree bridge.
Otherwise the natural partner to the supernait is the ndx2.
It really depends on your budget.

What’s you budget you can stream for 50 quid or 50,000 quid

Very nice! Is the hicap on the Nait or on the cdplayer? I assume the cd player so you need another hicap on the Nait :slight_smile:

My suggestion would be to buy a cheap non dr hicap and put that on the cd player and move the hicap dr to the Nait.

For streaming I’d try to get the Naim nd5xs2. It does not support Amazon though but you may want to consider tidal or Qobuz.

thanks for the replies. in fact the hicap is connected to the Supernait. but I would like to know from you if it is really worth spending money on a streamer given that I have a wide range of CDs in my collection. I would buy a streamer perhaps because I no longer have space for CDs. What do you think about it? Thank you

Storing CD’s is a PITA, a large collection, even a medium collection is not much more than ugly room dominating dust traps, and truth be told most never get played.
Get a streamer and it will be stored in a little box the size of a handbag.
Your collection will (arguably) sound better, and all controlled from you arm chair.


I agree with all replies above, and add that if you can find an HDX you’ll have:

  • A box the same size and shape of the SuperNait
  • All your CDs inside the box, stored on the internal HD or SSD.

You can count on an HDX sounding as good as a bare CDX2.

yes, this is exactly why I thought about the streamer. I realize that having a Naim system means purchasing quality products, perhaps only and always Naim! I read a great thing on the internet about the streamer Eversolo. What do you think, can it go well with my system or should I buy a Naim? Thank you

Hi Anthony, one of the great benefits of a streaming subscription is that you can discover unknown music you’d usually do not buy a cd for.

There are also a few threads in these forums about Eversolo. Here’s one

I myself use at the moment iFi Neo Stream as a streamer with Supernait 2 and I am pleased with that combination. Upper range streamers of course are better but as always it is about personal preferences/needs and about how much one is willing to invest on better sound.

That’s basically my experience. When I bought my ND5 XS2 I ripped all my CDs to a NAS and put my CD5si in its box where it remains to this day. No more CDs cluttering up the room, if I want 4 hours of music without having to get up and swap CDs I can and with Qobuz in hi res many of them sound better than they ever did on CD. It is all win.

I went one further after my CD5si. I bought a CD5xs, then fed it into my NDX2. Then I realized what a PITA CD swapping was. I ripped all my CDs to the NAS and sold both CDPs.
For inconvenience’s sake, I still use my turntable and ever-growing collection of LPs and 12-inch singles.

There are only two types of hdx, one that has failed and one that’s about to fail, don’t get any legacy servers from Naim at this stage.

As suggested above you could indeed explore the transport only option too (and use the DAC of the Supernait 1). There is a nice Italian highly praised one available for that purpose (Volumio Rivo). I have been considering that at some point.

The Supernait DAC is not that good, its OK for TV sound, but not for CD play.
If you’re going streaming, go for it 100%.

Volumio has a product for that too (Volumio Primo).

A friend offered me a used Lumin D2. What do you think of this streamer? Thank you

Mike, in my opinion the dac is ok. My entry in the Naim world was a second hand SN1 for euro 1500 back in the days. I added a chromecast audio into one of the toslink ports and I was impressed by the quality.

I found that adding a hicap dr also improved the dac, or at least the preamp stage so that it sounded better.

As you perhaps remember I got my SN1 serviced too and may run it in my living room again for a while.

There certainly can be improved on the dac though …

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Hi Ardbeg10y, don’t misunderstand me, I said the Supernait DAC ‘is OK’, however I stopped using it when I bought my NDX, it’s DAC is so much better.
These days I only use the NDX DAC for TV sound …… Pink Floyd night on Sky Arts this evening :star_struck:

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It’s why I still love vinyl too! That and the unnecessary expense :grin:

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