Streaming YouTube from a laptop

I know SQ isn’t going to be great but there is some stuff I just can’t find on any streaming apps. Early 90’s techno, jungle, acid house etc. Yeah I was a raver back then and like to reminisce :joy:

Thus far I’ve been unsuccessful in finding a way to stream YouTube from my laptop to my NDS.

Any suggestions?


A usb dac with optical or coax out would do it.

Eg this from Amazon

I don’t think the NDS has bluetooth

wasn’t 100% sure if the nds had bluetooth and was too lazy to search :-). Another possibility among the others suggested above is still bluetooth based: I previously used an Arcam blink. That isn’t in production anymore, but there may be others out there (just found this: The other suggestions above require cables from your laptop to the mentioned devices and then to the nds. Whilst something like a bluetooth receiver/dac simply needs to be placed next to the nds and then probably use rca cables from the receiver to the nds.

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do you have a tele close by, they usually have optical out and there are a plethora of things that will run youtube into the tv

Thanks all. I think Gary’s answer is the one. My BT box is already connected to my NDS DAC via optical for sound so I simply need to stream from the YouTube app on BT box.

Why on earth didn’t I think of that :person_shrugging:

We stream from laptops occasionally, it can be convenient.

There are free Windows and Unix software packages which will do what you want.

For Windows try “Stream what you hear”.

For Unix try PulseAudio-DLNA.

Both can stream to any uPNP client like naim hardware.

With a lossy YouTube source either of these would work fine.

Thanks Iain I’ll give that a go now I’ve discovered my BT box doesn’t have the YouTube app.

Works perfectly. Thank you :pray: :pray: :pray:


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