Stuck switch on Olive NAP-250

The on/off switch on my olive NAP-250 is stuck in the ON position and so I cannot switch if off. Any advice on how to fix it much appreciated. Thanks.

Possibly the same solution here?

Power down, remove from system, then press repeatedly.

Thanks for the replies. I will try the suggestions tomorrow.

Not sure than the Olive 250 has the same type of power switch as the 500…??

@Richard.Dane - ??

I don’t think so but @NeilS would know for sure.

Years ago one of mine stuck.
I disconnected it from the mains, allowed it a decent time for capacitors to discharge, then removed the outer sleeve / box and managed to get the switch moving and on the suggestion of my dealer, carefully applied a little vaseline to the button and it hasn’t stuck since.

The physical switch is the same (albeit the older type), but the interface with the button is different.
The button plunger has a disc on the end that sits between two further discs fitted to the switch shaft, as can be seen in this pic I’ve stolen from elsewhere on this forum.
The secondary discs on the switch shaft can break & the face of the button (the bit you press) can foul on the bezel if detritus gets in there.


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Thanks again for the responses. I was going to wait for tomorrow but I decided to try to fix it tonight. I found by trying to press the button in and out, and looking closely, there was a bit of grit on the button. Got rid of it and now it works. I did not need to open the case. [Can’t really complain about an amp I bought over 20 years ago and it was second-hand when I bought it. Had it recapped a few years ago].

It was annoying to have it stuck at ON but stuck at OFF would have been much worse.


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