Stuttering Zen?

Picked up a used Zen Mk 3 to take over server duties from my elderly Mac Mini.

Quickly got the Zen up and running with Radio Paradise, but less success with Tidal via the Sense app, where I get only the first second of any track on infinite repeat…

Happens with both NDS & UnitiQute, so not a streamer problem per se, and Tidal works fine if I switch back to the Naim app, so not a Tidal issue either.

I’ve selected transcode to FLAC / no DSD in the Sense app settings. Previous owner of the Zen left some CD rips on the player which also play without problems.

I’ll contact Innuos support if needed, but just wondering if any resident Zen masters had any advice…

Very good… :crazy_face: :expressionless:

You probably need to sign in to Tidal via the Innous.

From the Innuos website:

TIDAL does not show a “Login” button

This means it’s taking more than 5 seconds to reach TIDAL authentication servers. Try restarting the system. If the problem persists, it may be an issue with the network DNS. Please contact our Support so we can help with this.

This also seems to be an issue for me, so I’ve contacted Innuos.