Sub connection (speaker cable to RCA) query

I have been loaned a small sub to try in my office system. This is Atom/250/SBL at present. Just mucking about with the sub for interest.

I have soldered a length of spare speaker cable to the plugs on one loudspeaker but now need to connect to the Hi level (‘line input’) sub sockets, and these use RCA connectors. How do I attach my speaker cable to RCA connectors? I am confused as each RCA socket obviously has two separate elements, the pin and the sleeve.

Is this what I need?



What sub are you using? The high level input usually has speaker cable connectors such as bananas, or in the case of Rel subs, Speakon connectors. RCA sockets sound like low level connections which are for taking a pre out signal, in this case from the Atom.


Cambridge Minx 201. It apprars to be a current model.

That might make sense. The manual is pretty rudimentary.


In that case you just need a standard 2 x RCA cable of a suitable length. Possibly a slugged cable if it needs to be quite long.

OK. Do I then take the audio out RCA from the sub to the 250?

In other words a daisy chain, Atom pre out RCA to sub ‘audio in’ RCA, sub ‘audio out’ RCA to 250?


No, the problem you have with an Atom is that you only have a single pre out, so you can connect either a sub or a separate power amp. Looks like you really need one with a high level input in your current setup.
The sub you mention does have an RCA out, but these are usually intended for use when you want to daily chain another sub from the first one. Not sure it would be a good idea to chain a 250 from it, and if you wanted to try you would need to have an RCA to XLR cable made up.

That is making sense. It is obviously a pretty cheap sub, looks like it is not going to be viable. It was just curiosity anyway. Nothing lost.

I have an RCA to XLR incidentally, it is a very old 250 so I need this to connect to the Atom



I have a Minx 301. They’re cheap yes…but I think quite good (I bought it just to see what effect a sub may have, and have not heard expensive ones).

Be interesting I guess to hear a REL/KEF etc.

I use a UnitiStar and it has two Preamp Outputs (L and R channels). The sub has two inputs, one labeled LFE (single channel). The other one is unlabeled. I have connected a single 2xRCA cable to the LFE input on the sub and to one of the channels on the Star and it works fine with excellent bass rendition. BUT it bothers me that I only use one of the outputs on the Star. Is it okay with only one cable (it certainly sounds so!) or should I use another cable for the second output on the Star. Will I get an even better bass rendition that way? This is perhaps a non-question, but I wish to sort this out anyway…

LFE is for the .1 channel of an AV multichannel setup. It should not be used for full range music input. What is the subwoofer make and model?

Like this?
Use the lfe socket for the .1 in a 5.1 system.
Use both of them in a stereo system.