Sublime Hifiman Susvara with Atom

I’ve managed to get myself a pair of the mighty Susvara! At the moment my desktop setup is MacBook M Ultra >> Aduiolab M-dac >>Focal Clear MG. ( I also use KEF X300A - but they go through a hub using their own dac)).

I have an Atom sitting around, but it’s not the earphone model. Is there anyway to utilise the atom as the headphone amp for the hard to drive Susvara? After buying the earphones I don’t want to spend a fortune. I’m looking at a stop gap fix for up to a year or so then will get a Ferrum setup.

…oh and Qobuz is the main source through the MacBook.

You can use Qobuz on the Atom, no need for the laptop. Then you will need to find a suitable headphone amp and hook that up to the Atom. It does have a basic headphone amp built in via the 3.5mm jack on the front panel, but I think you will be looking for something better than that.

Yes, I’ve been told it sound worse than the headphone amp on the M-Dac. I’m skint after the earphones so don’t want to fork out on a headphone amp for a while as my wife has “issues” with this :). I was just wondering if there are any work arounds - probably not lol. I’ll get the Ferrum OOR + PS when funds allow :).

Do you also use the Atom with speakers? You could sell it and buy an Atom HE which may be a good match for your headphones. Potentially cost neutral.

Thats the way I’m going I think. It is used (occasionally) as a streamer pre in a second system with 300DR and Peak Consult speakers. I’ve a 250DR spare that I might trade in against an earphone Amp as another option.

Deleted, please remove.

I’ll try it before I trade in :). I was told on the non earphone version it is terrible through - is this true?

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