Subwoofer addition

Thanks for the advice guys…

Going to book a single and pair demo and go from there…

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I am new to sub. Can I ask how exactly does subwoofer aid in low volume listening?

I too find myself unable to enjoy at night. Does subwoofer really helps?

That’s a good question! Idon’t know as I don’t use one, but indeed I struggle to see how. I suppose you can boost the sub’s output relative to rest of system when listening quietly, even kicking in a higher frequency upper limit overlapping main speakers - but that would only boost the very lowest part of the spectrum and not the mid bass, and in a stepped fashion, so not really compensating for the ears’ roll off in sensitivity - however it might be better than nothing. Doing something with DSP would be far more effective - alternatively perhaps switch to headphones when listening at times you can’t play speakers louder.

Bought a Rel S3 with a baseline blue cable… should be here in a few days…
I’ll let you know the results :blush:

Will the standard Naim speaker plugs be ok to use with the baseline blue?

Did you get the Naim-specific variant of the Baseline Blue cable? If not, you’ll need to connect at your speaker terminals, not at the amp.

It’s the REL one…
Will it work with the Naim plugs

Rel make two versions of the Bassline Blue. The standard version is is best connected to the speaker input terminals, and the best way to do this will depend on your speaker sockets and how your existing cables are connected to them.
They also make a modified version for connecting to Naim amps. These do not upset the power amp output stage, and are provided with bananas that connect to the amp and allow bananas on your main speaker cables to ‘piggyback’ into them.

Oh dear…

I’ve just got the standard rectangular Naim plugs…

Will they be ok? Or do I have to get the soldering iron out :joy:

Which end do you intend connecting them?

The standard Bassline Blue comes with spades, so they are ideal for connecting to dual purpose sockets (which I believe your B&Ws have?) that already have bananas in them.

As Chris says, you ideally need the naim specific version. This will allow you to use the high level speakon connection on the sub. And yes, you would have to have standard bananas at the amp end.
This cable is designed to work with naim output characteristics.
I got the Designacable version for my S5/SHO. Works just fine for a decent price.

Was just going to connect it like this??

The spade connectors on the Bassline Blue will be no use on a Naim amp. The amp will not spontaneously explode if you connect it to the amp, but it may have some effect on sound quality, depending on the speaker cable you are using for your main speakers. The Naim specific Bassline Blue may be a better option here, although the connections do look a bit wobbly.

Yes. But you will want to use the naim version and bananas into the stacked bananas.

Velodyne DD10+ brilliant…you will become a bass god…

Rel are a top class sub i have one myself the s812 and will be adding another soon you might get secondhand but i highly recommend the rel if you can.

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Do you think I could just change the connectors over from the spades to the bananas? I pretty good at soldering… been building rc cars for 30 years :joy:

Would this lead also work with another manufacturers sub woofer.

Yes, you could put bananas on them, but do you have a plan for how to attach both these and your regular speaker cables to either your amp or speakers?

I don’t know really… I’m gonna try the spade terminals first. I’m sure they’ll be fine… the Peter Tyson websites photo of naims cable has spades… not sure if this is just a generic piccy thou?

I think you get special bananas that piggy back ?