Subwoofer connected to rca out ndx2/nd555

Is it possible to connect a subwoofer to the rca and preamp to din?

No, you’ll need the signal to the sub to be attenuated along with signal to the main speakers, so both should be fed through the preamp/amp.

Ok thanks. So on 552 I have to do din out, with din-rca cable?

Yes, Naim used to make a suitable cable. Alternatively take a high level signal from the speaker terminals to the sub.

I bought a din to RCA subwoofer cable from Flashback sales in the UK and they shipped it to me. They say it has ‘the resistors recommended by Naim.’ I cannot verify that, but it did seem to work as intended.

Actually you could use the NDX2 phono out if using the devices internal volume control, but it’s not ideal and is not best SQ. Best use a NAC as described above.

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