Subwoofer for Uniti Star

I hear a lot of people using and SVS sub but my local audio shop carry REL’s.

All other music on my Star sounds great except rock, where it sounds too thin and needs more body. That’s what I’m looking for in a sub for an 8.5 x 11 living room. I probably only have room for one.


I went for a Rel T5x to support my Ninka’s in a small space. It works really well.
Is your local dealer happy to loan you one for a few days?
Always best tried in the home if possible.

I’ve got a small MJ Acoustics Reference 100 with my Star, gives plenty of oomph at the bottom end.
I’ve had it years with various amps and speakers and just left it in with my Star and my PMC twenty5 23i’s , Although the speakers are good at the bass end.

Used to have REL T/9i (old series, now it’s T/9x at the dealers) connected to Sopra N.1 powered by my Uniti Star. It was really good.

I use a BK Electronics ‘Double Gem’ with SBLs. I’m also active with 4x135s.

The sub is there to provide the octave(s) below the SBLs and probably to compensate for a less than optimal listening room. Its crossover point and gain are turned right down.

In my conditions I don’t have room for a second one but I cannot imagine it is needed. What it did to the sound across the spectrum was most unexpected so I am a convert. Set up was easy as long as I used my ears and didn’t overthink it. There’s good advice on this forum, in the instructions for the sub and from the maker if you call them.

I’m about to start experimenting with a return to passive, use my Atom as a pre for 2x135s and to retain the sub. Let’s see how I like it. I might then use the Atom as the pre for the whole system. If I like that I might also use a hard drive for CDs and connect it up. The reason is that I am considering downsizing, generally, energy costs would be lower and my hearing is gently declining!

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REL the best you can afford from their range made a big difference to my system. I’ve got two now sounds powerful but natural no boomy noise

Agree with this. The smaller Rel T range do not go particularly low. In my simple mind the sub is there to support the mains and need the grunt and speed to do this well. Properly set up I would not be without one. I found the sweet spot was only noticing the sub when it was turned off.

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