Subwoofer into NAC 272


I just got a preloved NAC 272 + NAP DR 250. I am currently using Harbeth 30.1’s and a Radial subwoofer (but thinking already of Boenicke W8s/Harbeth 5HL+/C7ES3).

I would like to know if and if yes, how to best connect my subwoofer to the NAC 272.


You can use a low level connection from the 272 pre out, or a high level connection from the speaker terminals, depending on what inputs the sub has.

What size is the room?
Why do you use a sub (i.e. what do you feel is the most significant gain in the sound)?
How have you aligned the crossover settings of the sub?
Does your sub have low level input(s), e.g. RCA phono connectors?

I use a B&W ASW610XP connected to an NAC-N 272+555DR / 300DR with Spendor SP2 mains, so similar to your setup.

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