"Subwoofer" RCA cable v standard RCA

I’d appreciate some help please on choosing a set of RCA cables to go from a Nova to an SVS SB2000 Pro subwoofer. The choice, due to availability and price, is between a) Audioquest Big Sur RCA (2 male to 2 male) about GBP110; and b) Audioquest Irish Red (1 male to 1 male so I’d need two) - two for about GBP150.

I’m interested to know if Audioquest’s claims about the specialist subwoofer cable (the Irish Red) are true versus a standard RCA cable. They claim tighter bass, clearer signal and no hum (which I’ve never noticed before with this set up with standard RCA cables). Cheers.


last (and only) time I had a subwoofer, I used a normal (screened) 3 mt. long RCA cable to connect it. Of course I never experienced hum.

As for tighter bass, the signal from the sub out (or pre out) of the amp is a normal line level signal in the 200 mv to 1V range; the subwoofer will take charge of only up to 70/100 Hz. I very much doubt that any properly soldered and terminated RCA cable will make a difference in bass or treble. Cables are the golden goose today.

When I demoed the Naim Solstice, the phono stage was connected to the NAC 552 with a lavender IC while the ND555 was connected to it with a SuperLumina IC; yet, the turntable seemed (to me, and to others) to outperform the digital files’ replay under every aspect…

I can’t speak for the Audioquest cable, I don’t know it; but my humble opinion is, buy it if it gives you peace of mind not because you believe it will make a difference.


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