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I would like to run a small active subwoofer using the pre amp out terminals of my Naim Uniti Star. Does anyone have experience of suitable subs which can be run from a full bandwidth line out source and be setup to integrate effectively with small floor standing speakers ? All suggestions welcome.

I have used the Rel TZero with Naim 72/180 and Naim IBL and it worked very well. It was connected to the speaker termal as Rel Suggest. But, you can also use line out.
This or the larger T5x will be nice.

Thanks for that. The following question reveals my basic lack of knowledge. The Uniti Star has left and right pre amp outputs. The REL high level input is mono. Do I combine the left and right out signal in some way at the pre amp end or do I need 2 subwoofers ?

Rel have a guide on this subject. With videos. Easy to understand.

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Rel user here, they work well for me.

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Hi Gary. Can you tell me exactly how you connected the sub ? Thanks

A lead from my 552ps straight to the Active 40’s (obv the speakers need a socket to be powered!


Perhaps you meant the low level input? This is mono on some Rel subs, but not on all models. Better to find one with a 2 channel input if you can.
The high level input is 2 channel on all Rel subs. I would use this by choice, although low level from the pre out can stll give decent performance.

I am very happy with the performance of my BK Electronics P12-300SB picked up used. Straightforward connection to my Naim preamp/streamer.

If you get one of these designed for naim/rel cables it is very straightforward to use the high level input. I have a T5Z. Very competent and small. I now use a bigger ReL, but have no problem recommending the T range. I must get round to moving the T5 on along with some other stuff that is catching my good wife’s eye as occupying real estate.
Using the pre outs may give you a ground hum…a few people myself included have experienced this.

I use a KEF kc62 and it works really well. How well it will integrate by using the low-level connection of your Uniti Star will depend on the placement and not so much on the sub.

If you really want to achieve a seamless integration and are ready to invest some time for getting the best result you will need to get a measuring microphone for around 100 pounds and use the REW software to check your frequency response. Doing it by ear may bring you close but I am not sure it is possible to do seamless integration without a measuring microphone.

Thanks for that. I had no idea of the existence of the company. My company used to distribute a US brand of loudspeakers in the UK, and I learned the hard way that without a substantial advertising budget a company can remain virtually unknown… I’ll look into it.

BK are a good company to deal with. They used to manufacture for Rel before they started selling their own range, and now only sell direct to the public.

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I’d not have been aware of them either except for recommendations on this thread. However, have now taken the plunge and awaiting delivery……

Please let me know how it works out. I have spent some time on the company website, and the signs are encouraging. I always assumed that REL were entirely responsible for the manufacturing of their own product. It seems I was wrong

I will. What I’m most anxious about is just getting the sound to blend in but so many contributors have been on the sub journey I’m sure I’ll be reaching out!

Finally I can give you an answer. In short, really well.

I got a BK double gem for space reasons so it’s 2x10” rather than a 14”. It’s a well made unit, solid, heavy, matches the finish of my SBLs. More importantly it seems to blend sonically with them, and now I’ve got it set up the previous speed, tempo and detail is present and correct while bass, sense of space, resolution of instruments is enhanced. It’s like the SBLs only more so. My fear was I’d lose what I was already enjoying but this enhances it. Settings for gain and crossover frequency are, now I’ve more or less landed it, pretty low on the available scale. Currently working off the back of 2x135s that cover the mid-bass on the SBLs rather than from the speakers but it all seems to work well. The surprise is how this impacts sound from instruments you’d not think of being affected at say 45Hz and lower.

Thanks very much for your most detailed observations. I am encouraged by your experience.

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