Subwoofer to Nova - settings inside Nova


I‘m trying to connect a B&W subwoofer to my Nova, but nothing comes out of the sub.
I found out that you have to set something up in the Speaker settings for the Uniti2, but I cannot find any speaker setting possibilities inside the Nova.
Are there any?
Do I have to activate the speaker outputs in the settings/configurations?
Thank you!!!

I presume you are using the pre/sub out rather than speaker level connection?
The Nova has no setting to turn the output on and off, it should work automatically.
I have come across a B&W sub in the past that had an optional Auto mode that kept it in standby mode until a signal was detected. The setting can be confused by an output that also has an Auto mode, like the Nova. So if you are using this, try setting the sub to On, not Auto or Standby.

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