Does anyone have experience of adding a subwoofer to their 2 speaker music system. I’m thinking of trying a REL S/812. I’d be putting it on one of the NAP 300s of my active system, would it cause any probelm or issues with the amp. I’ve looked into the Bass Blue cable that is 6M long and I understand works well with NAIM amp tolerances.


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I might be missing something but the eel is active where does the 300 come into it?

The main speaker cables come out of the back of the 300 head and you connect the Rel cable to those terminals.


The purpose of the Naim version of the Bassline Blue cable is to allow you to connect to the speaker terminals on a Naim power amp without upsetting its output stage (in the same way that you might if you used main speaker cables with a poor inductance and capacitance match). It uses stackable bananas to allow connection of both sets of cables to the single pair of sockets. It looks a bit messy as they will stick out some distance, so you may want to think about how that will work on your rack.

If you attach the sub to the speaker input sockets you don’t need the special Naim version, a regular Bassline Blue or basic sub cable is fine. This may be preferable depending on the location of the sub and the cable runs required, and depending on the speakers connection options may give a neater, simpler plug arrangement.

What’s the point of purchasing an active sub then?

Sorry feeling really dumb lol

Hi Chris - I’d be using the c shape connectors on the Bassline Blue and slip them under the NAIM box plugs. I was worried about the inductance and capacitance until I read about the BB, and would go for the longer length of 6m which ties in with advice on the length of cable recommended by NAIM (min 3.5m)

I just wondered if anyone had tried the sub with their kit and if there was anything to watch out for.

Thanks Pete

Better more dynamic bass that has the PRaT to keep up with the rest of my system Gary.

The reason the Naim version has the stackable bananas is that the flush sockets on Naim power amps do not allow for other types of connectors than bananas. Spades under the bananas on your main speaker cables would not be secure. It’s the regular non-Naim version that is available with spades as they fit many loudspeaker input sockets.

Another option would be to solder the sub and main cables to the same plugs.

Note also that as long as your main speaker cables are Naim compatible the minimum length requirement will not apply to the sub cable as long as you’re using the right type.

Ok thanks but the only cable I can find with the connector you’ve mentioned isn’t REL, it’s third party?

The genuine Rel Bassline Blue has stackable bananas if it’s the Naim version, or spades if it’s not. There’s a company called Designacable who make a much cheaper version, perhaps you meant them?

Yes that’s what I’ve found online. One question is that my NACA5 has NAIM 4mm plugs the REl has 3 cables 2 to go on the positive terminals and 1 negative - so this isn’t going to work unless I can find the same stackable banana as a spare :thinking:

You only use one negative cable connection, so odd though it may seem, it’ll be fine! If you’re using Naim plugs you could just remove the black plastic box and split the web on the cable for a couple of inches.

I have 282/HCDR/3000DR through B&W805D3s with an REL Strata 3. The B&Ws are great speakers but better with the sub woofer


Hi @916SPS

I use a pair of Graham Audio Sub 3 fed from my SN3

A much more important question…

How are you going to align the crossover from the main speakers to the sub.

Some things to consider:
How to set the bass level (ears alone aren’t really discriminating enough at low bass frequencies)?
How to set the crossover frequency (ears alone aren’t really discriminating enough at low bass frequencies)?
How to set the phase to achieve time alignment (+/- 180 is far too crude to achieve time alignment)?
How are you planning to compensate for the group delay of the sub?
How are you planning to prevent the sub from exacerbating the room mode resonances?

Connecting it is the easy bit.

Great post … full of posativity and encouragement … blimey, I thought the world was about to end after reading this. I’m sure I’ll sort something out.


Thanks for that Roger


Those are the question that need answers if a sub is going to be FULLY integrated into sound from the main speakers.

It’s not discouragement as if you have answers to these questions the result can be MUCH more rewarding than just plug it in, twiddle the knobs and hope.

Thanks Xanthe, any advice or help in setting them up from you is very much appreciated.


Are those stackable plugs, if so what manufacturer?