The REL S/812 Subwoofer is this a good option for more bass my room is L shaped and sounds a little bass light.

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You started a thread yesterday with the same title. You asked a question, which I took the time to answer. No response. No thanks. No nothing. And now another question. Why should anybody make the effort to respond? It’s just bloody rude.

Difference question .

Anyway thanks for responding.

Sorry for not responding sooner but was up at hospital with covid sick mother .you know i always repond to questions just sometimes other things are more important.

I hope your mother recovers soon
This forum is not an obsessive cult to everyone and there is life outside it…

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Yep i use 2 812 n love what they bring to the music :notes: :notes:

Thanks for reply how are you connecting your 2 subs i just got this mail from rel.

REL Acoustics
Thank you for reaching out. It is possible to connect a REL subwoofer to the Naim NAP 300DR using the High Level input, though due to the output stage design of this amp it is not possible to make this connection using the standard High Level cable which is supplied with the subwoofer. Instead, we recommend using the Naim version of our Bassline Blue cable, which is built with additional resistance added to the cable which allows it to safely be connected directly to the NAP 300DR’s output terminals. Alternatively, you could use the stock High Level cable and connect to the binding posts on the main loudspeakers, rather than to the amplifier’s output terminals, though this is usually easiest when using a stereo pair of subwoofers. For more information on connecting High Level to Naim amplifiers, feel free to write in to and we will be happy to assist…

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I was using standard cable n then the naim baseline blue and connected at the back of the speakers n no problem with either cable …:wink:

Great thanks for info.

The purpose of the Naim version is specifically to allow you to connect at the amp end. It won’t cause problems if you use it at the speaker end, but it’s not necessary, any old cheap cable will do.

The naim version was more fkr tbe oldet models n yes u can connect either amp or speakers whatever is best for u


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Haha :joy: sorry i meant the baseline blue naim was more for the older naims

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