Subwoofers… on or off

Just a very quick one…

Should I leave my subs on? Or switch them off after use ?

Rel S/3s

I leave my REl sub on standby in the same way as I do my power amp, it is an amplifier after all. Once it is fed a signal it turns itself on, I have always personally found everything benefits from not being completely switched off, my dual PS555 are permanently switched on which I believe Naim used to recommend.


My KEF auto shuts off. Good thing too because the KC62 is one of the most power hungry subs around.

My BK turns itself off and comes on automatically when it is sent a signal. It seems happy on that basis!

My subs are better after a few hours on, but not enough to leave them on

I asked Tom from BK Electronics, he advises me to use the automatic sleep mode…

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Yeah they do sound better after a few hours of playing…

I think I’ll leave them on as I presume they have a sleep function as they both click when the music comes on and the lights go from red to white…

Cheers for your help guys

I leave mine on. The standby switch on my REL S/510 is only there to satisfy EU requirements, so I have it set to “always on.” The manual even says using standby is not a reliable way to ensure the sub turns on when it should with low volume/low bass input.

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I find the opposite, my Rel on standby will often just come on!

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@broomy and @JosquinDesPrez I leave mine on standby, then my system is in use every evening; first for tv, then music before bed. I’ve not noticed any delays in the s510 kicking in … must listen harder.

Well, the manual for my S/510 says leaving it on “produces the best sonic performance and the most reliable operation,” so that’s what I do. When I asked about that I was told the only reason they have standby mode is because they are forced to, to satisfy E.U. regulations.

On standby the S/510 uses >0.5 Watts. On idle it uses 22 Watts. I figure I more than make up for the carbon footprint (of 1/2 an LED light bulb) by very rarely driving my car. I probably at least as many miles on my bicycles in a year than miles on my car, and probably a bit more now that I only work at home.

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An LED lightbulb is going to be 5W not 44W!

Oh yeah, right. I was thinking in terms of watt equivalent to incandescent bulbs. I turn the whole system off completely when I don’t use it for a bit.

Just realised I have two different S/3s

One has a red light on standby and then when the music starts it clicks and turns white…

The other is white all the time?

Bought them both Second hand.

Ones an S/3 and the other an S/3 SHO ?

Never noticed before lol wonder what the difference is?? Anyone know?

The SHO upgrades the original S/3 with a newer Next Gen II 400W Class D amplifier, updated driver and revised electronics. The cabinets look the same but for a SHO legend on the rear.

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