Successfully ripped CDs not showing up in Uniti Core Albums list

I suspect the reason iTunes can’t read the metadata is because you have ripped to WAV, which on a Naim ripper means that the metadata is stored in a way which most non-Naim kit cannot use. Try ripping to FLAC and you may well be able to see it.

Thanks. iTunes doesn’t seem to support FLAC. I get AIFF and Apple Lossless options (as well as lossy ones like MP3).

iTunes apparently really can’t import FLAC :roll_eyes: but you can use free software to convert FLAC to Apple’s lossless ALAC and import that.

On Windows e.g. “Lossless Audio Converter”

Yes, just convert it to ALAC or AIFF, or use a player such as VLC which will play FLAC on a Mac.

If you rip a CD on the Core, regardless of its metadata it will show up as the most recent album in the “recent CDs” list. If it’s not there, then the Core didn’t save it to the music store.

Many thanks, everyone. I understood and followed the latest suggestions. I copied the two albums in question from iTunes to the Downloads folder on the Core; they play fine and the track information is there, but they lack artwork no matter whether ripped initially to iTunes in WAV, AIFF or Apple Lossless format. I understand David’s point about them appearing in the ‘Newest Music’ list, and they do now appear there, though without the artwork. Interesting that the two CDs are both on the same label—John Grant, on Bella Union—if that has anything to do with it. That will probably suffice.

Yes if you copy to the Downloads folder, you need to look in Newest music rather than Newest CDs (which is just for rips).

To get artwork with the downloads, you need put a file folder.jpg of the artwork in the sub-folder where the music is (one sub-folder per album in downloads folder obviously). The size of the artwork has to be less than about 1200x1200 pixels - I always go for 1000x1000 which is safely below the limit. Once you have added the artwork, the Core will automatically index it inside the next couple of minutes and then you will see it in the app.

Okay… I created a 1000x1000 jpeg of the album artwork and moved it to the Core subfolder containing the album music. Do I need to do anything else, 'cos just doing that hasn’t worked? I’m not quite sure what you mean by put a ‘file folder.jpg of the artwork (…)’. Do I need to rename the jpeg file?

Yes. For some reason known only to Naim, the file has to be called folder.jpg

I had about 5 cases out of 1,000 cds or so where something vanished. In all of these cases it was either
A) similar album. For example i have 2 beethoven 9th furtwangler beyruth…one is the emi which is the dress reheasal and the other from a different label which is the actual concert. Well, one overwrote the other and no way around it. Solution…just used apple music to rip in wav to downloads folder. Easier to edit anyway (do this for all classical music). Solved.
B) Grateful Dead Dicks Picks sometimes do this also. Same solution…just load to Downloads folder.

I absolutely love the Core and once you get a bit of experince with it you figure what you want Naim to do vs what is better done on your computer and then xfer to the Downloads folder.

Many thanks, JasVerlen. Sounds like a good pragmatic solution.

The folder.jpeg thing worked, so once again I’m indebted to people who have contributed to this thread. I’ve learned a lot about music files in two weeks of owning a Uniti Core. I’m probably pushing it if I ask whether it’s possible to edit the ‘Artist’ field in Downloads, which currently says ‘Unknown’ for the two CDs in question, so I’ll just leave it. :slight_smile:

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Yes you can edit anything in the downloads folder. You will need a metadata editor like MP3TAG or dBpoweramp or metadatics if you have a Mac.



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