Sufficient Starting Run-In for Focsl Utopia and NDX2?

I’m breaking in Focal Utopia Headphones with Cardas Clear Beyond Headphone cable AND a new NDX2/XPSDr streamer.

I have about 200 hours of run in time so far. Things are good.

Can I return to my normal listening patterns including speaker listening? I am finding that I am more focused on break in then my music. I would like to return to “normal”. Is 200 hours a sufficient starting point?

I’d continue with normal listening anyway. The NDX2 can be left playing I-Radio with the SN3 in mute for more burn in. 200 hrs is a good time to open up the NDX2 though, and it improve further over 6 months of regular use.

@Mike_S Thanks.

use it normally, fully, yes, except ALWAYS have the free time (when NOT ‘using it’) with the hradphones playing stream/sound/music…

I’d keep audio into those metal driver’ed headphones for 1000 hours at least …

if their playback aounds different between 800 and 1000 hours, keep going out to 1200 hours… (etc)